Just playing with watercolor.

I have put my printing to the side at the moment, just playing around with pattern making and colour mixing. It is all in an effort to be a bit more experimental with my prints so not totally abandoned just put on the back burner for a while.


Palette Love

I don’t do brown haha. Time to experiment with those unloved colours.

I have been gravitating towards deep inky blacks for some of the stronger patterns and the soft pastel watercolours for the background papers. I have been spending a few hours here and there in the studio just mixing different watercolours or just trying to achieve different textures with one colour. I would love to have spent more time just playing with the paints but I have run out of watercolour paper and the multipurpose stuff I have just doesn’t move the pigments in the same way. Roll on Christmas when I can get back to the UK and pick up a fresh batch to take back to Ruwais.

Blue is always my go-to colour but I should really use some of the unloved colours in my palette and see what I can come up with.

So it would appear that I couldn’t give up my blue, It would appear that I have a blue addiction. It also appears that my morning coffee seems to have inspired me for this one. I’m super impressed with how this turned out considering I really really really shy away from earthy browns and oranges as a rule. These colours, however, work really well with the pathlow blue. Who Knew!!! Just goes to show playing around with my grubby watercolour palette came up trumps.

I had a nice morning out at the local beach with my husband, obviously taking a small travel watercolour kit with me and an assortment of different papers. I packed just a blue and an orangy brown colour and made some really lovely little explorations. I came back with quite a nice haul of textures and shapes. Which colours should I experiment with next I wonder.

OMG Neon Paint

I bought a few samples of neon paint a while back while I was studying, with the intention of using it for one of many projects I had on the go. After a brief usage, the bottles were promptly put to the back of the shelf to gather dust.

Well, my little studio has fallen into a little bit of a dumping ground with me travelling back to the UK quite regularly at the moment. Things have become somewhat disorganised, and that's saying something if even I recognise it, haha.

In my efforts to regain some order I have actually created more, as I rediscovered this neon paint and felt compelled to test it out ASAP.

The pictures dont quite capture how vibrant and bright the paint is….I tried several filters but hey ho. You’ll have to trust me these suckers are bright. I had a heap of fun playing around with this stuff and have a few collages all lined up and raedy to play around with. If I can find a way to capture the bright colour I will be putting a few of these into my Etsy store.

Sketchbook Studies

I have always struggled to consistently fill a single sketchbook, I literally have a dozen on the go at once. About two years ago I completed a month-long sketchbook challenge and actually managed to fill the whole thing……..I have failed miserably to duplicate that success!

I have a couple of nice blue inky sketchbooks on the go, filled with indigo spheres and patterns. I have even translated some of these small pieces into some larger abstracts.

As you can see I did experiment colours other than blue hahahahaha.

Blue is and always will be my favourite though. I have some really lovely highly pigmented gold watercolours and they compliment the blues so well, it takes all my effort to not just paint with them all day. I really liked quite a few of the pages in this book and went on to make several larger versions, which of course you can find on ETSY as a digital download and Society6 as a print.

society6 mockup.JPG

Blue & Gold

I love the finished item. I’m super pleased I managed to retain some of the real inky blues in areas, it can get washed away quite easily. I feel that using watercolours always adds an element of surprise to your artwork, You might have an idea of how you want something to look but as the paint pools and dries you have little areas that kind of do their own thing, these are always the most interesting parts of a painting, the ones you don't quite control.

My love of Blue

Blue is my go to colour, I love it.  I have tried my hardest to work with other colours but I always have the pull back to my favourite inky deep blues and teals.  


I am travelling back and forth between Abu Dhabi and the UK. My main studio is in Abu Dhabi, so as well as a small travel kit with watercolours, pens and a small sketchbook, I have a reasonable duplicate art kit in the UK.  I have a few paper pads, my favourite colour paints and a travel sized pack of lino cutters.  Plenty to keep me busy.  Well, most of my colours are, yes you guessed blue.  This is my excuse for doing so much blue work when I'm visiting my family back in the UK, LOL.


i love blue.jpg