#The100dayproject First Week...DONE

That went so quick.

My first 100 day project and already a week in. How have I found the first seven days?

LOVE Love love it so far.

I am usually super disorganised and I flit from one project to another with no real comitment to any one task. I have found that having the focus of producing a collage everyday and the need to post it to instagram has made me super organised…(when I say that I mean organised for me).

My space in the studio does look like a bomb has exploded, which is normal, but I have got into the habbit of sorting and tidying up the majority of my art supplies, ready for the next day of creativity. This is progress, I would work in total chaos quite happily but having the tidy-ish space has made me more productive.

I have very much enjoyed scrolling instagram to see what other peoples projects are. There are so many people doing all kinds of things, painters, poets, textile artist, photographers and bakers, so much creativity. Looking through other peoples feeds made mine look so lame, for a visual creative my instafeed is shocking hahaha. So this is my focus for the next week, I want to make a sleek and more put together instafeed, something more professional lookinging and less like the student account it was started as.

In conclusion this #100dayproject has been a great turning point for me, im more creative, more focused and I actually feel positive about the art I create. Roll on week two.