Kickstarter Project

Its the start of 2019 and I want to start with an artistic challenge. I am a lazy what not when it comes to promoting my artwork, I try to keep my social media updated but I just can't seem to get into the groove of a regular pattern. I’m not surgically attached to my phone, unlike my teenage children who appear to have been born with an electronic chip implanted! I just plain forget that's how everything is done now, you make friends find your partner and buy everything online. Born at the end of the ’70s I’m clearly just not with it hahaha.

So in an attempt to earn a little money for supplies and make myself more aware of promoting myself and being accountable, I have looked at creating a Kickstarter project. I have been working on a series of little lino prints that have come about from looking at cells of the body and mainly bones. I have been playing around with these for a while and It will be nice to make them into a cohesive project and hopefully art that people will love to have on their walls (not just filling the shelves of my little art studio).

So I have a plan in place and registered to start my project now just need to wait to be verified. I hate waiting lol. It does mean that I can research postage costs and do an inventory of what supplies I have and need to fulfil the project, all very exciting.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter go take a look at their site, there are lots of people looking to fund all kinds of projects I know your support is invaluable to creatives. Go take a look.