Euphoria Rainbow Wall Art

Printable Rainbow Wall Art

I totally adore blue in all its hues but occasionally I have to grab my colour palette and just use them all! Growing up I lived a very monochrome existence, to some extent I still live my life in greys, blacks and blues. It is my default setting but slowly more colour is creeping into my life and I like it.

There is a graduation between each colour and the artwork has lots of interesting texture.  I used alcohol inks on yupo paper, the inks are incredibly intense. I would normally dilute the inks but for some reason I wanted to use them in a really bold and simple way.  I loved the layering of each colour and decided to keep this piece super simple.  I have gone on to use a digital version of the print and created further rainbow artwork.

My daughter loves this piece, sometimes simple things work well and this is certainly the case. I find it funny, some of the more elaborate etchings and drawings I have made may have plenty of likes and follows across social media but just dont seem to sell as well.