Bedroom Blues


I love love the inky blues as an accent feature in a bedroom.  I'm currently waiting for a major redesign of our house and I have chosen a grey and blue colour palette for every room.  It is a great base colour combination, teamed up with other bold colours you can create a totally different feel to a room.  A pop of mustard yellow or teal totally peps up the blue.

When we were in discussions with our architect my husband and I both wanted to combine some industrial touches to our home.  We have been looking at replacing our 1930's concrete tiles for a seamed zinc roof, and internally adding brushed aluminium touches.

I would really like to add a few unique pieces of furniture into the mix and found this absolutely beautiful piece on Etsy. I love everything about it, its a work of art in its own right. 

Although this is certainly a statement piece, throw in a few soft furnishing into the room from fluffy textured cushion or rug and put some bold prints on the wall and you can create a softer feel (it is a bedroom after all)

I loved this pretty dream catcher, by ThriftyTreasures01, place with a collection of bold prints in matching navy colours and perhaps pick up a hint of the copper colour in the unit and the scheme all comes together.