Blind Contour Drawing

Blind Contour Drawing

I regularly use the blind drawing technique as a warm-up exercise to get a feeling for the objects I am studying.  When I first started using the practice, I carried a small pocket size sketchbook with me and took every opportunity to make quick studies. Very quickly I noticed an improvement in my observational skills.  Give it a try!

The aim is to draw an object without looking at the paper; you must resist RESIST.

A few tips:

1. Use a continuous line, keep your pen or pencil on the paper.

2. Don't peek; you'll only be cheating yourself.

3. Focus on the outline of the objects and move your eye around, translate this onto the paper as though you are tracing the shape with your eyes, and the pencil is touching the outline.

4. Move your pen or pencil in a steady movement resist the urge to draw too quickly.

5. Don't be afraid to run off the paper.



Travel Sketchbook

On a visit to Madrid, I made sure to keep up my blind contour drawing practice. It made a great travel souvenir.

Why bother Blind Contour Drawin?

By looking at your objects, you will learn to really look, as an artist that's pretty important skill to master. Being able to concentrate on what you are seeing is important, by practising regularly you will improve this skill, and your art will show vast improvements.  The key is to keep this practice up, every drawing I do I start with a contour study. Sometimes I love these expressive studies more than the final piece.