Caribbean Inspiration

I'm just about to celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary. All those years ago we tied the knott amongst the beautiful foliage and brilliant blue skies of Ocho Rios in Jamiaca.

When ever I think back to that day I'm reminded of soft sadny beaches, the smell of tropical flowers, the warmth of the sun and beautiful scenery.  Completly inspired by the sights and smells I set out to create a series of abstract paintings to celebrate my time in Jamaica.



Work in progress

I choose to use bright hues of pink, teal and lime green. I couldn't resist throwing in a hint of gold.

I may have been a little carried away and ended up making a huge pile of abstracts. Once I started I kept making more and more.  I totally fell in love with the colours together.  The combination of teal and pink work so well, and I was surprised when I added the lime green how much it worked to create a vibrant cohesive look. It's a far cry from my go to blue and gold combo.  


I really feel that glorious sense of Jamaica when I look at the paintings, I'm reminded of walking along the beach the sand between my toes and the scent of magnolia on the breeze.

Spurred on by the glorious colours I have started to upload the paintings to several print on demand stores including Redbubble, Society 6 and The art of where.  The colourful paintings look so good on the products but particularly the cushions and yoga pants are among my favourites.