Just playing with watercolor.

I have put my printing to the side at the moment, just playing around with pattern making and colour mixing. It is all in an effort to be a bit more experimental with my prints so not totally abandoned just put on the back burner for a while.


Palette Love

I don’t do brown haha. Time to experiment with those unloved colours.

I have been gravitating towards deep inky blacks for some of the stronger patterns and the soft pastel watercolours for the background papers. I have been spending a few hours here and there in the studio just mixing different watercolours or just trying to achieve different textures with one colour. I would love to have spent more time just playing with the paints but I have run out of watercolour paper and the multipurpose stuff I have just doesn’t move the pigments in the same way. Roll on Christmas when I can get back to the UK and pick up a fresh batch to take back to Ruwais.

Blue is always my go-to colour but I should really use some of the unloved colours in my palette and see what I can come up with.

So it would appear that I couldn’t give up my blue, It would appear that I have a blue addiction. It also appears that my morning coffee seems to have inspired me for this one. I’m super impressed with how this turned out considering I really really really shy away from earthy browns and oranges as a rule. These colours, however, work really well with the pathlow blue. Who Knew!!! Just goes to show playing around with my grubby watercolour palette came up trumps.

I had a nice morning out at the local beach with my husband, obviously taking a small travel watercolour kit with me and an assortment of different papers. I packed just a blue and an orangy brown colour and made some really lovely little explorations. I came back with quite a nice haul of textures and shapes. Which colours should I experiment with next I wonder.