Rainbow Love

I love all colours, even though I am and always will be totally in love with my beloved blue, I do love a rainbow! I don't know what it is about them, but even now I get stupidly excited if I see one in the sky and even more excited if it’s a double rainbow.

My daughter is also totally in love with rainbows. I think it's in part to the whole mermaid unicorn fantasise vibe at the moment. A while ago now I painted a couple of abstract rainbow prints with her in mind and put them up in my Etsy store. These have remained the most popular items I sell! I hope they stand the test of time there is something about them that I really like, they are seemingly simple but the bright burst of colour is a great mood booster. Even on those really dark dismal days, you can have a piece of rainbow magic on your walls.

Both of the prints have been uploaded to Etsy as digital downloads and Society6 where you can choose to have the artwork printed and framed or even applied to home furnishing, phone covers or clothing.