OMG Neon Paint

I bought a few samples of neon paint a while back while I was studying, with the intention of using it for one of many projects I had on the go. After a brief usage, the bottles were promptly put to the back of the shelf to gather dust.

Well, my little studio has fallen into a little bit of a dumping ground with me travelling back to the UK quite regularly at the moment. Things have become somewhat disorganised, and that's saying something if even I recognise it, haha.

In my efforts to regain some order I have actually created more, as I rediscovered this neon paint and felt compelled to test it out ASAP.

The pictures dont quite capture how vibrant and bright the paint is….I tried several filters but hey ho. You’ll have to trust me these suckers are bright. I had a heap of fun playing around with this stuff and have a few collages all lined up and raedy to play around with. If I can find a way to capture the bright colour I will be putting a few of these into my Etsy store.