Sketchbook Studies

I have always struggled to consistently fill a single sketchbook, I literally have a dozen on the go at once. About two years ago I completed a month-long sketchbook challenge and actually managed to fill the whole thing……..I have failed miserably to duplicate that success!

I have a couple of nice blue inky sketchbooks on the go, filled with indigo spheres and patterns. I have even translated some of these small pieces into some larger abstracts.

As you can see I did experiment colours other than blue hahahahaha.

Blue is and always will be my favourite though. I have some really lovely highly pigmented gold watercolours and they compliment the blues so well, it takes all my effort to not just paint with them all day. I really liked quite a few of the pages in this book and went on to make several larger versions, which of course you can find on ETSY as a digital download and Society6 as a print.

society6 mockup.JPG

Blue & Gold

I love the finished item. I’m super pleased I managed to retain some of the real inky blues in areas, it can get washed away quite easily. I feel that using watercolours always adds an element of surprise to your artwork, You might have an idea of how you want something to look but as the paint pools and dries you have little areas that kind of do their own thing, these are always the most interesting parts of a painting, the ones you don't quite control.