GIN, and drawing

Gin seems to be the drink of the moment, but my hubby and I have been fans of the stuff for years.  An inspiration for a still life came when I was watching my husband prepare the lime for our weekend tipple.  I have an assignment for uni to draw some still lifes so after taking some photos, drew some quick sketches of different compositions I set of to do a monochromatic still life.  Heck, I thought it was a genius idea.



Doesn't look very exciting but I'm trying to get into the habit of trying to draw different things.  Like everything in the life the more you practice the better you get....unless your drinking gin at the same time lol.  In recent months I really have seen some great progress and for anyone who thinks they cant draw, you really can you just have to take the opportunity to spend a few minutes sketching when you have a chance, it's like your muscles remember what to do.

Here are some process pics, I used different media, pencils, paint on acetate and ended up optin for oil pastels for my uni piece.  I have to be honest I gave up with the pencils, I had a cheap set with just a few shades of blue and it was taking an absolute age to finish so I ended up abandoning that piece.  

Not a bad effort.  I will return to the half-finished pencil drawing when I get my hands on some nice pencils, I think the detail I can get with them will make a great study.  The moral of this is Gin is good for my creativity hahahahaha