Linocut Skull

My linocut skull.  There is something about bones that I find interesting, I don't really know what it is but they are a source of fascination.  This linocut skull is one of my very early linicuts.  I purchased some really nice Pfeil linocut tools and this was the first piece using them.  The tools worked like a dream through the soft lino and I was able to get some nice thin marks. 


I tend to draw a design on paper first and then transfer the image to the lino, I prefer to see my drawing on white paper and get a sense of how it will look.  Maybe if I had more confidence in my drawing skill I would, but I faff with the image so much to start off with. A permanent pen to go over the transferred image and I'm all set to start carving.


Nearly done a few fine details to apply and this bad boy is ready for printing. I could have taken some more time but I was loving using the new tools. I carved a few unwanted areas but on the whole its starting to come together nicely.


A few variations, loving the bright blue.  For some reason the camera distorted the lime green print, it has a bit of a two tone thing going on, very odd.  I made a small edition of black prints then I destroyed the plate by experimenting with a reduction print, I didn't like the result which is a shame, but I have this set which I am more than happy with.