Rainbow Love

I love all colours, even though I am and always will be totally in love with my beloved blue, I do love a rainbow! I don't know what it is about them, but even now I get stupidly excited if I see one in the sky and even more excited if it’s a double rainbow.

My daughter is also totally in love with rainbows. I think it's in part to the whole mermaid unicorn fantasise vibe at the moment. A while ago now I painted a couple of abstract rainbow prints with her in mind and put them up in my Etsy store. These have remained the most popular items I sell! I hope they stand the test of time there is something about them that I really like, they are seemingly simple but the bright burst of colour is a great mood booster. Even on those really dark dismal days, you can have a piece of rainbow magic on your walls.

Both of the prints have been uploaded to Etsy as digital downloads and Society6 where you can choose to have the artwork printed and framed or even applied to home furnishing, phone covers or clothing.

Kickstarter Project

Its the start of 2019 and I want to start with an artistic challenge. I am a lazy what not when it comes to promoting my artwork, I try to keep my social media updated but I just can't seem to get into the groove of a regular pattern. I’m not surgically attached to my phone, unlike my teenage children who appear to have been born with an electronic chip implanted! I just plain forget that's how everything is done now, you make friends find your partner and buy everything online. Born at the end of the ’70s I’m clearly just not with it hahaha.

So in an attempt to earn a little money for supplies and make myself more aware of promoting myself and being accountable, I have looked at creating a Kickstarter project. I have been working on a series of little lino prints that have come about from looking at cells of the body and mainly bones. I have been playing around with these for a while and It will be nice to make them into a cohesive project and hopefully art that people will love to have on their walls (not just filling the shelves of my little art studio).

So I have a plan in place and registered to start my project now just need to wait to be verified. I hate waiting lol. It does mean that I can research postage costs and do an inventory of what supplies I have and need to fulfil the project, all very exciting.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter go take a look at their site, there are lots of people looking to fund all kinds of projects I know your support is invaluable to creatives. Go take a look. https://www.kickstarter.com

Just playing with watercolor.

I have put my printing to the side at the moment, just playing around with pattern making and colour mixing. It is all in an effort to be a bit more experimental with my prints so not totally abandoned just put on the back burner for a while.


Palette Love

I don’t do brown haha. Time to experiment with those unloved colours.

I have been gravitating towards deep inky blacks for some of the stronger patterns and the soft pastel watercolours for the background papers. I have been spending a few hours here and there in the studio just mixing different watercolours or just trying to achieve different textures with one colour. I would love to have spent more time just playing with the paints but I have run out of watercolour paper and the multipurpose stuff I have just doesn’t move the pigments in the same way. Roll on Christmas when I can get back to the UK and pick up a fresh batch to take back to Ruwais.

Blue is always my go-to colour but I should really use some of the unloved colours in my palette and see what I can come up with.

So it would appear that I couldn’t give up my blue, It would appear that I have a blue addiction. It also appears that my morning coffee seems to have inspired me for this one. I’m super impressed with how this turned out considering I really really really shy away from earthy browns and oranges as a rule. These colours, however, work really well with the pathlow blue. Who Knew!!! Just goes to show playing around with my grubby watercolour palette came up trumps.

I had a nice morning out at the local beach with my husband, obviously taking a small travel watercolour kit with me and an assortment of different papers. I packed just a blue and an orangy brown colour and made some really lovely little explorations. I came back with quite a nice haul of textures and shapes. Which colours should I experiment with next I wonder.

OMG Neon Paint

I bought a few samples of neon paint a while back while I was studying, with the intention of using it for one of many projects I had on the go. After a brief usage, the bottles were promptly put to the back of the shelf to gather dust.

Well, my little studio has fallen into a little bit of a dumping ground with me travelling back to the UK quite regularly at the moment. Things have become somewhat disorganised, and that's saying something if even I recognise it, haha.

In my efforts to regain some order I have actually created more, as I rediscovered this neon paint and felt compelled to test it out ASAP.

The pictures dont quite capture how vibrant and bright the paint is….I tried several filters but hey ho. You’ll have to trust me these suckers are bright. I had a heap of fun playing around with this stuff and have a few collages all lined up and raedy to play around with. If I can find a way to capture the bright colour I will be putting a few of these into my Etsy store.

Sketchbook Studies

I have always struggled to consistently fill a single sketchbook, I literally have a dozen on the go at once. About two years ago I completed a month-long sketchbook challenge and actually managed to fill the whole thing……..I have failed miserably to duplicate that success!

I have a couple of nice blue inky sketchbooks on the go, filled with indigo spheres and patterns. I have even translated some of these small pieces into some larger abstracts.

As you can see I did experiment colours other than blue hahahahaha.

Blue is and always will be my favourite though. I have some really lovely highly pigmented gold watercolours and they compliment the blues so well, it takes all my effort to not just paint with them all day. I really liked quite a few of the pages in this book and went on to make several larger versions, which of course you can find on ETSY as a digital download and Society6 as a print.

society6 mockup.JPG

Blue & Gold

I love the finished item. I’m super pleased I managed to retain some of the real inky blues in areas, it can get washed away quite easily. I feel that using watercolours always adds an element of surprise to your artwork, You might have an idea of how you want something to look but as the paint pools and dries you have little areas that kind of do their own thing, these are always the most interesting parts of a painting, the ones you don't quite control.

Euphoria Rainbow Wall Art

Printable Rainbow Wall Art

I totally adore blue in all its hues but occasionally I have to grab my colour palette and just use them all! Growing up I lived a very monochrome existence, to some extent I still live my life in greys, blacks and blues. It is my default setting but slowly more colour is creeping into my life and I like it.

There is a graduation between each colour and the artwork has lots of interesting texture.  I used alcohol inks on yupo paper, the inks are incredibly intense. I would normally dilute the inks but for some reason I wanted to use them in a really bold and simple way.  I loved the layering of each colour and decided to keep this piece super simple.  I have gone on to use a digital version of the print and created further rainbow artwork.

My daughter loves this piece, sometimes simple things work well and this is certainly the case. I find it funny, some of the more elaborate etchings and drawings I have made may have plenty of likes and follows across social media but just dont seem to sell as well. 

Bedroom Blues


I love love the inky blues as an accent feature in a bedroom.  I'm currently waiting for a major redesign of our house and I have chosen a grey and blue colour palette for every room.  It is a great base colour combination, teamed up with other bold colours you can create a totally different feel to a room.  A pop of mustard yellow or teal totally peps up the blue.

When we were in discussions with our architect my husband and I both wanted to combine some industrial touches to our home.  We have been looking at replacing our 1930's concrete tiles for a seamed zinc roof, and internally adding brushed aluminium touches.

I would really like to add a few unique pieces of furniture into the mix and found this absolutely beautiful piece on Etsy. I love everything about it, its a work of art in its own right. 

Although this is certainly a statement piece, throw in a few soft furnishing into the room from fluffy textured cushion or rug and put some bold prints on the wall and you can create a softer feel (it is a bedroom after all)

I loved this pretty dream catcher, by ThriftyTreasures01, place with a collection of bold prints in matching navy colours and perhaps pick up a hint of the copper colour in the unit and the scheme all comes together.


Navy botanical eucalyptus print

Navy, inky indigo blue my favourite.  A digital collage, simple botanical photograph combined with a watercolour background.

Buy NOW from my Etsy store and you will have the file sent to you in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Then print, frame and hang on your wall. SIMPLE.


Blind Contour Drawing

Blind Contour Drawing

I regularly use the blind drawing technique as a warm-up exercise to get a feeling for the objects I am studying.  When I first started using the practice, I carried a small pocket size sketchbook with me and took every opportunity to make quick studies. Very quickly I noticed an improvement in my observational skills.  Give it a try!

The aim is to draw an object without looking at the paper; you must resist RESIST.

A few tips:

1. Use a continuous line, keep your pen or pencil on the paper.

2. Don't peek; you'll only be cheating yourself.

3. Focus on the outline of the objects and move your eye around, translate this onto the paper as though you are tracing the shape with your eyes, and the pencil is touching the outline.

4. Move your pen or pencil in a steady movement resist the urge to draw too quickly.

5. Don't be afraid to run off the paper.



Travel Sketchbook

On a visit to Madrid, I made sure to keep up my blind contour drawing practice. It made a great travel souvenir.

Why bother Blind Contour Drawin?

By looking at your objects, you will learn to really look, as an artist that's pretty important skill to master. Being able to concentrate on what you are seeing is important, by practising regularly you will improve this skill, and your art will show vast improvements.  The key is to keep this practice up, every drawing I do I start with a contour study. Sometimes I love these expressive studies more than the final piece.

My love of Blue

Blue is my go to colour, I love it.  I have tried my hardest to work with other colours but I always have the pull back to my favourite inky deep blues and teals.  


I am travelling back and forth between Abu Dhabi and the UK. My main studio is in Abu Dhabi, so as well as a small travel kit with watercolours, pens and a small sketchbook, I have a reasonable duplicate art kit in the UK.  I have a few paper pads, my favourite colour paints and a travel sized pack of lino cutters.  Plenty to keep me busy.  Well, most of my colours are, yes you guessed blue.  This is my excuse for doing so much blue work when I'm visiting my family back in the UK, LOL.


i love blue.jpg

Caribbean Inspiration

I'm just about to celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary. All those years ago we tied the knott amongst the beautiful foliage and brilliant blue skies of Ocho Rios in Jamiaca.

When ever I think back to that day I'm reminded of soft sadny beaches, the smell of tropical flowers, the warmth of the sun and beautiful scenery.  Completly inspired by the sights and smells I set out to create a series of abstract paintings to celebrate my time in Jamaica.



Work in progress

I choose to use bright hues of pink, teal and lime green. I couldn't resist throwing in a hint of gold.

I may have been a little carried away and ended up making a huge pile of abstracts. Once I started I kept making more and more.  I totally fell in love with the colours together.  The combination of teal and pink work so well, and I was surprised when I added the lime green how much it worked to create a vibrant cohesive look. It's a far cry from my go to blue and gold combo.  


I really feel that glorious sense of Jamaica when I look at the paintings, I'm reminded of walking along the beach the sand between my toes and the scent of magnolia on the breeze.

Spurred on by the glorious colours I have started to upload the paintings to several print on demand stores including Redbubble, Society 6 and The art of where.  The colourful paintings look so good on the products but particularly the cushions and yoga pants are among my favourites.


Abstract Teal Wallart

Spring is on its way and although the cold weather seems to be putting up a fight there are signs of warmer weather on the way, on a walk out I saw tiny snow drops and daffodils emerging.  As the days become lighter I like to add a splash of colour to life, and blue is one of my favourite colours. I use a lot of blues and golds in my abstract works, and I think they would give fresh look to any gallery wall.

This piece is available as a digital download in my Etsy store instantly. Simply download to your computer, print and go make a coffe while you wait for it to do it's thing.  I love the blue and green colours. I have been adding a lot of geometric details to my watercolour pieces lately, I always seem to get drawn into lines and dots.  Not sure why but I love these little gold additions. 

So, just grab the printable set here, and get to printing! Show off your pics by tagging me with #dawnyoungart on social media I would love to see how my art looks on your wall. And don’t forget to share and pin to show the love x